A Useful Deep Learning Specialization Course: Structuring Machine Learning Projects

I have been attending deeplearning.ai’s specialization courses for a while, and I’ve completed the second part of the series this week. In this course, Prof Andrew Ng shares his experiences and best practices to build efficient machine learning pipelines. Although there is not any programming assignment in the course syllabus, there are 2 case studies that are very close to real-world experiments, and it is expected to give the right decisions on these scenarios. I strongly recommend practicing this short training.

An Article of Vigna and Kaplan about how Media bias impacts Elections

Link to the article


Does media bias affect voting? We analyze the entry of Fox News in able markets and its impact on voting. Between October 1996 and November 2000, the conservative Fox News Channel was introduced in the cable programming of 20 percent of U. S. towns. Fox News availability in 2000 appears to be largely idiosyncratic, conditional on a set of controls. Using a data set of voting data for 9,256 towns, we investigate if Republicans gained vote share in towns where Fox News entered the cable market by the year 2000. We find a significant effect of the introduction of Fox News on the vote share in Presidential elections between 1996 and 2000. Republicans gained 0.4 to 0.7 percentage points in the towns that broadcast Fox News. Fox News also affected voter turnout and the Republican vote share in the Senate. Our estimates imply that Fox News convinced 3 to 28 percent of its viewers to vote Republican, depending on the audience measure. The Fox News effect could be a temporary learning effect for rational voters, or a permanent effect for nonrational voters subject to persuasion


Good news.. I will be joining MIT Media Lab

As of November, I have started my 2nd year of Ph.D. study at Politecnico Milano. By the way, there was an opportunity for the students to apply MIT for a research stay abroad, and even there were too many requirements to get an acceptance, I was lucky that I’ve been successful at all, and I’ve been awarded a Rocca fellowship for two semesters at MIT! It will be a wonderful experience to be there, and I hope everything goes well, I can learn a lot and advance my current research many steps forward.┬áThe lab I will work with is Prof. Deb Roy’s Social Machines Lab, where they build advanced models for understanding human behavior in online social networks.