What’s Happening in Kaz Daglari? [Edited: They finally stopped the disastrous project]

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Kaz Daglari is one of the most beautiful natural mountain areas of Turkey. It is so famous with precious oxygen, in a manner that many people visit and live there for treatment, mostly cancer patients. Besides, it is also an historical place since the Battle of Çanakkale happened very close to there, in the battle that hundreds thousands of soldiers had died in Çanakkale.

Today, as an ordinary happening in Turkey, the government sold the permission of gold mining in a huge area of Kaz Daglari to a Canadian company, under an alliance of a Turkish private company. (There are some claims that Turkish president Erdogan’s family has a partnership from an indirect way with this company). It is known for many years that Kaz Daglari is very rich with the gold resources, and that Canadian company Alamos Gold requested to mine and get the resources which is valued over 3 billion $. Turkish government unsurprisingly approved this request, and over 200 thousand trees have been cut in only three months.

This is only the tip of the iceberg; there will be tremendous damage to the nature, habitat, water resources of animals and people, and more. The political approach of the Turkish government, the one-man-management system, is always selling the factories and natural resources for many years, and no one can stop this. Hopefully, Turkish people guard the area against mining activities, and they try to cancel that project. We will see what will happen soon. >> Edit: Thanks to the public reaction and protests, they had to stop the project. Now I hope it will be cancelled and they will replant a hundreds of thousands trees back.

It is a real shame to support that unhealthy project. Please join this movement and help to protect this beatiful nature!

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