Journal Papers

E.Calisir, M.Brambilla: Characterizing Long-Running Political Phenomena on Social Media (Yakında)

International Conferences & Workshops

  • E.Calisir, M.Brambilla: The Problem of Data Cleaning for Knowledge Extraction from Social Media, 4th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery on the Web, June 2018, Caceres, Spain (Click to download)
  • E.Calisir, G. I. Alptekin, A. Ozgovde: A Code Offloading Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing: ICEMobile, The Fifth International Conference on Communications, Computation, Networks, and Technologies Aug 2016, Rome, Italy. (Click to download)
  • G.K.Orman, O.Karadeli, E.Calisir: Overlapping Communities via k-Connected Ego Centered Groups, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), August 2015, Paris. (Click to download)

National Conferences

  • E. Calisir, G. I. Alptekin, A. Ozgovde: Local and Fast Cloud Services: Cloudlets Akademik Bilişim, 2014, Mersin, Turkey (Click to download)


  • PhD in Computer Science: Development of a Framework for Stance Identification against Discovered Topics on Unstructured Text Data. As the method, machine learning techniques have been implemented.
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering: A Mobile Code Offloading Framework: ICEMobile. As the method, Android programming and Java Web Services is used to realize the on-device, on-server processing. A decision algorithm decides where to perform the computation expensive parts of the code, and offloads the task to the server in case of need, based on current device battery, assumpted energy consumption of that task, and network connectivity.
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering: Implementation of Auction Algorithms for QoS vs Price Tradeoffs in Telecommunication Services. As the method, Integer Linear Programming with C programming language is implemented. The thesis is written in French.