Li-Fi Tech

Reading Time: 1 minute I am curious about this technology. I was expecting the advances in Wi-Fi technology, however, anybody could imagine that the led lights will be the next data streaming resources. There are many concerns about the data streaming feature of the light including its potential impacts on the health. There are still grey points in my mind about how can be a complete synchronous data streaming in all over the world with the li-fi. This is truly the innovation. Congrats Prof. Harald Haas!!

New paper published!

Reading Time: 1 minute Overlapping community detection allows placing one node to multiple communities. Up to now, many algorithms are proposed for this issue. However, their accuracy depends on the overlapping level of the structure. In this work, we aim at finding relatively small overlapping communities independently than their overlapping level. We define k-connected node groups as cohesive groups in which each pair of nodes has at least k different node-disjoint paths from one to another. We propose the algorithm EMOC first finding Read more…

ASONAM Poster Paper

Reading Time: 1 minute Asonam konferansinda yaptıgım poster dosyasını indirebilirsiniz. The 2015 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and MiningASONAM 2015Paris, France, August 25-28, 2015