Filed Patents

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My patents that are owned by Vodafone Technology

  1. A Method for Identifying Frequent Flyer Subscribers in Mobile Telecommunications
  2. A Method To Identify Departments Of Business Firms Based On Mobile Communication and a Related Dynamic Tariff Management Module
  3. Mobile Communications Data Big Data Analysis For The Determination Of Hospital Visitor People Profile Method
  4. A Method To Identify The Pilots And Cabin Crews Based On Mobile Communication Activities and to Interact With Them
  5. A Method for CLI Manipulation Detection on International Telecom Calls by Using Domestic Call Record
  6. A Method to Detect International Call Fraud by Analyzing Domestic and International Call Detail Record
  7. A Mobile Communication Method For Identifying Households And Credibility Through Subscriber Behaviour Analysis
  8. A System To Detect Bad Debt Behaviours Of Subscribers in Mobile Networks
  9. The System to Instantly Increase Subscriber Credit Limits for Contracted Device Sales Based on Their Community Trustiness Score
  10. An Automatically Comment Retrieval System Using Community Relations in Online Shopping
  11. A Dynamic Pricing Method Based on International Call Behaviours
  12. A Notification Method in Real Time that Enables Users Do Not Exceed Their Data Usage Quota
  13. A System and a Related Method to Interact With Users Whose Mobile Devices Have Low Battery
  14. A Mobile Communication Method with Augmented Reality and Social Network Analysis for Subscribers to Get in Contact with Their Acquaintances
  15. A System that Shares Voice and Data Usage Quotas to Household Members
  16. A System for Housewife and Household Members Identification and Prioritizing Calls Between Them for Mobile Communications
  17. A Method and a System That Alerts Subscribers Against Infrastructural Operations
  18. A System and a Related Method That Control the Traffic Lights to Improve the Security of Pedestrians
  19. Automated Announcement Review Method for Web Sites
  20. An Embedded Authorization Method for Smartphone Charging Cables.
  21. Dynamic Ringtones Based on Incoming Calls with a Novel Household Detection Model.
  22. A Smart Air Enrichment System and a Related Method.
  23. An Overlapping Community Detection Method Based on the Strength of People Relations
  24. A Communication Method in Low Power Wireless Networks by Dynamic Adjustment of Signal Transmission Frequency.
  25. A Method and System to Optimize the Network Density in Natural Disasters based on Intelligent Telecom Networks
  26. An Emergency Information System in Telecom Networks
  27. Identification of the Potential Churners with the Viral Influence Technique in the Communication Networks
  28. A Method and System to Optimize the Network Density in Natural Disasters.